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  • Studies about History and Thought of Wahhabism

    Studies about History and Thought of Wahhabism

    Author: Muhammad Hussein Rafi’i

    Year: 2014

    Language: Persian

    Pages: 464

    The introduction part of the book begins with this sentence: “Historical understanding, causes and consequences of the certain worldview proposed by Muhammad bin Abdolwahhab, which was resulted in emergence of Wahhabism movement as one of the most important symbols of starting new Islamic Era, are the key purposes of this study.

    Including studies made by Michael Cook, John Wool and Bashir Nafe and a group of well-known orientalists who active in this area, this book is a collection of 16 articles which has been organized in three parts, history and thought of Wahhabism, Wahhabi-Salafi interactions, and indexes. Twelve important and impressive articles on Wahhabism, prepared by western associations, along with two other articles about genealogy and scholars’ historical explanations about rebuttal of Wahhabism are the results of many years of research and study about scientific and academic heritage of orientalists which have been carefully selected, collected and translated. While maintaining independency of each reference, the author has tried to follow a certain order and connectivity in selection of various texts and subjects. The selected articles have been chosen out of tens of scientific and academic journals prepared by various western states. A critical and realistic viewpoint has been always followed in this selection. Without doubt, each article can be treated as the best and newest one among its professional field.


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